Living in California

we get a lot of medical assistance and government benefits when we are in need of them and while not a perfect system – I feel completely blessed to have access to them when I need them.

I sure would not feel bad in the least is there was a medical benefit available for my youngest and I accepted the assistance – that is what it is there for. Her medical bills are overwhelming at times but we are blessed that most is paid for through our taxes and if we did not have drug insurance, there is assistance for that thank goodness. One of her meds is 5K per month and when she was on growth hormones, that was another 7K every 3 months. There is even a scholarship available that she can apply for with her medical condition – we are going to apply for that as well…It would be leaving money on the table to not take all the opportunities available for her to succeed.

It is taking a hand up not a hand out. Healthy people = productive people.

BTW…My three bundles of joy (when they are not hormonal) are all from China as well.

There is no reason to feel scummy

You are giving the children exactly what they need. A loving home. I consider myself blessed for having made your acquaintance.
Look at it this way, would it be “better” to let them do without a medical/mental treatment, because you can’t afford it? Or because you feel “scummy?” Would it be better for the other children in the family to ‘do without” while you pay for their treatment? The answer is NO! Your job, as the good parent you are, is to make certain ALL of your children the best loving care you can and if getting assistance in doing that is required then you do it.
You pay taxes right? In fact there will be taxes taken out of any money/treatments they might receive. So why do the children not deserve the financial/medical/mental help?
As for future implications on their rights, only ss can tell you that. Getting them help now might actually help them because it will give documentation of the problems they have had all their lives.

SSI Questions

Our two blessings from China are eligible to apply for SSI for their Spina Bifida (and our son with mental disorders but that’s a whole other post) and we are considering doing that at some point to help offset the medical end of things. Part of me feel scummy for even thinking about it…I don’t want people thinking I’m doing it just for the money.

What, long-term, does this mean for them as adults? Obviously, they will always have complications and challenges due to their special needs and that won’t ever be “outgrown”.


I have an extra copy of the Total Money Makeover (no dust cover) that I am willing to send to someone that will use it.
And to make it more interesting (and make it easier for me to pick someone), I have a trivia question that has nothing to do with LL, money or budgets. It’s just my a line from my favorite movie! Who said:

“Hats for bats. Keep bats warm ..”

And for extra credit, what is the actor doing now?

Feel free to send me the answer privately.