Garden #2 is in….

So garden #1 was the “show me” garden I planted in the front yard planter to prove to DH that we could “grow vegetables” in the front, south facing yard without it “looking bad.” The stuff I planted there (kale) has been ready for harvest for quite a few weeks, and it has been really nice just to step outside and grab food daily when we need it.

I’m establishing 4 areas this year as gardens (pictures of some on the gardening page of the blog). #1 is the planter/show me garden. #2 is what I did today, which is along the front of the house, 4 feet wide by 15 feet long. It was just a complete mess of crab grass, so that all had to come out. It is now “square footed” having been dug up & crabgrass removed, newspaper laid down, and 2-4-6 inches of compost laid on top of newspaper depending on where in the garden it was (last year I had composted about a 4 foot square section on the end, so it was pretty high already).

It is now full of broccoli, kale, a few pole beans, (all grown from seed) and four-ish grape vines. I still need to find someone to come and dump wood chips as a covering. That method has worked really well.

Garden area #3 in the back yard is not doing so well. We dug it up, laid newspaper, laid down 4-5″ of wood chips, but the soil underneath was so, so, so bad, that the stuff I planted in early February pretty much died off. Of course, my ignoring it didn’t help either. I am going to try and see if I can get transplants for cheap, like onions, or maybe cucumbers and celery. I have learned from that “failure” that when you plant your transplants even with a BTE garden method, you still need to get them plenty of water for the first few weeks.

Garden area #4 is a huge project that really will have to be done in the next week or two. It’s ripping out the rest of the front yard grass and turning it in to a vegetable garden. It’s sloped, so not only do we need to rip it out, I have to find free fill dirt to level it off.

Still, all in all, it’s nice to have a successful vegetable garden (so far) for a change 🙂