Our dd was born with several birth defects

They all have been addressed mecdically/surgically but will never go away completely. There is always the possibility of future treatment or surgery. Even with insurance, there have been lots of expenses beyond the medical … travel to/from a clinic/hospital almost 2 hours away at that time. We had multiple trips … often each month. We did not qualify for such assistance due to income. It really stretched our budget due to hotel stays, food away from home, gas, etc.

Life changed later and dd qualified due to a change in dh’s job/income. It was a blessing to us. We have always kept medical insurance on dd on our own. The SSI/Medicaid filled in the gaps by paying the stuff that went toward the high deductible, etc.

I must admit that from time to time I have felt guilt over it all. Dh reminds me that we have been employed all of our adult life paying taxes for this kind of thing. Dd did not choose to have the problems she does and he and I didn’t either. You didn’t choose for your children to have issues either. In fact, you are providing a life for them that may have been impossible for them in their home country. I applaud you for making this brave decision and following through. It cannot have been easy.

When our dd received SSI no taxes were taken out. From what I understand it is non-taxable income. If laws are still the same, you will not be taxed on the SSI at tax time. It was direct deposited in to a bank account. There were no restrictions on what it could be used for. We used it for whatever dd needed.

I am not sure how it is now but when dd received SSI, we were told that if she received even as little as $1.00 per month from SSI, she would qualify for Medicaid.

At some point our income went back up and dd no longer qualified for the SSI, so no more Medicaid. I believe dd was a teenager when this happened.

When dd was 18, we helped her reapply for SSI. Even though she lived at home they counted only her income when she turned 18. Income from dh and me was not in effect with this application. It did not count against her to live at home. The reapplication went pretty quickly since they had all her info on hand.

Dd is now 26 years old. She has recieved SSDI (social security disability income) since the age of 18. Dd works part time and it does not diminish the amount she makes ….. at least with the amount she makes. Dd works part-time at a preschool. She also had medicare. She still medicaid eligible as well.

I hope this helps in some way. I believe you are trying to help your children and that is all that matters. Only the people you tell will kow they are on SSI. Those who question your motives are not true friends. Your true friends know you are doing the best you can given the circumstances.