The book I was telling gives you the list of kids and how each condition if on the list or not is considered

It has helped us a lot. It explains all the forms, each step of the process, and gives you tips to get approved. It is kind of a law book but pretty easy to read. More than once I have had to go back to it for reference. Main thing is being very detailed and it helps to get copies of all your records yourself to send with the application. They can take forever to get them. Then they go to SSA in Kentucky to get scanned
And then the examiner can see them. We have chased everything ourselves and so far have not been denied first go round like a lot of people. The good news is if you get denied most people who are legit will eventually get approved. Even with the wait it would be worth it. Remember 30% of people can get approved the first time and it could be you!